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Company Profile of Új Calculus Ltd., Hungary

Legal predecessor of Új Calculus Ltd. was founded by economists and mathematicians of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office in 1982. The main activities of our company have not changed in essence since foundation: they primarily cover development of accounting systems and corresponding services; mathematical and information technological support for economic applications and development of end-user systems. We stand our ground even in the market of own developed web-based applications (like the online call for offer page for Hofstadter Ltd., the pricelist refresher application for Siemens & Klein garage technological company).

Information System on Standards is one of our Windows applications, which is made for Mol Rt. All national and international standards, specifications, directories, which fall into the scope of the activities of the largest Hungarian oil company are integrated in this comprehensive system.

We began to use MS .NET developing technology in 2002 and our first successful project was finalised in the Hungarian Army. CMS, our customized ERP software for small- and medium-size enterprises is .NET-based too. This accounting system is compatible with other systems, which proves its adaptability. This solution doesn’t only enable to transact financial processes but also supports other business processes besides accountancy, invoicing and other bank operations. It follows the whole procedure of storing, handles supplier commissions and master data (about company, human resource, scope of activities, customers, suppliers, store, item, etc.). It provides a solution which is adjustable to other production management and designer systems for small- and middle-size companies owning to support of production preparation. The window and door manufacturer Hofstadter Ltd. uses CMS.

Data warehouses enable companies to reach the most plentiful source of information available about their specific market. In 2003 Calculus INFRA, our own developed data warehouse solution was created in .NET, Caché and MS SQL platforms. Caché is the post-relational database system of our partner from 1999, InterSystems Corporation. Migrating our administration systems to Caché database engine results remarkably faster data access.

Significant users of our analytical, aggregate and cost accounting systems are Pápai Húskombinát, Pénzintézeti Központ (Center of Finance Institute) and VERTESZ. Beyond daily work of development we have taken part in the preparation of several feasibility studies for Szerencsejáték Rt. (Hungarian Lottery) and Állami Számvevőszék (Hungarian Audit Office) within the scope of our consulting activities, which include market research, analysis and reports on performance.

Új Calculus Ltd. had opportunity to carry out projects at commercial banks with focus on data mining, data clarification and data warehouse building. Our company is not only SAS system distributor but also SAS application developer and the partner of the English Amadeus Software Ltd. We develop economic applications and create statistical analysis with mathematical and informatical support for order of bank sector participators. SAS system (registered product of SAS Institute, USA) is a platform independent system. Base SAS provides an integrated software environment specially designed for data access, transformation and reporting; it includes a fourth-generation programming language and ready-to-use programs as well. One of the biggest projects we have is the modernization of the central processing system Company Profit Tax Reports with SAS tools. This work has been carried out within the frame of Modernization Project of Revenue Management for the Hungarian Tax Office.

In 2001 the Microsimulation Research Group was founded jointly by the Research Centre for Department of Information and Knowledge Management at Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Új Calculus Ltd. A multilingual end-user application, general purposive Microsimulation service system was developed, which is a SAS-based Microsimulation Modelling and a Decision Support System provided with data warehouse functions. Lately, we are partners in researches of Foundation for Information Society.

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