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The head of Új Calculus Ltd., Mr. József Csicsman, is a mathematician. He is a tutor of two Hungarian universities. He educates Data Mining at BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics) for foreign students as well, and Practical Application of Statistics at SZTE (University of Szeged). He manages optional SAS programming courses for all interested students of any faculties.

Half of the courses are theoretical, and the other part of them is practical. After the theoretical studies the students learn to use data mining techniques and software in practice. Új Calculus Ltd. created an SAS programming book which covers the essence of the course, thus the students, with basic-level knowledge, can easily improve their programming skills. As a result, they graduate with practical data mining and SAS programming knowledge, and currently more than 50 former students work in the field of SAS application in financial sector.

Some topics among the case studies written by the students during the course are: knowledge discovery, fraud detection, modelling of client behaviour (user profiling), analysis of the Hungarian population from many aspects based on the data of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) and modelling demographic changes, etc.

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Our Microsimulation Research Group at BME has student members who take active role in the project.

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