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SAS INSTITUTE has quasi 43 thousands business customers is the market leader of enterprise intelligence and innovative analyser applications.

Synchronizing and reforming data for different applications is time-consuming, making exact and exteriorly adequate reports stress programmer resources. Base SAS provides an integrated software environment specially designed for data access, transformation and reporting. It includes a fourth-generation programming language; ready-to-use programs for data manipulation, information storage and retrieval, statistical analyses and report writing; and a powerful macro facility that significantly reduces programming and maintenance time, while enabling to produce the analyses and reports that decision makers need in the format they prefer.

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Our company is not only SAS system distributor but also SAS application developer and SAS server owner. We develop economic applications and create statistical analysis with mathematical and informatics support for any kind of company or bank. We offer professional SAS analysing services as SaaS in the field of data quality management, data cleansing, data mining, modelling and microsimulation to those companies (especially SMEs) who cannot afford to own SAS licence and employ analyst.

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It is important to mention the British AMADEUS Software Ltd. in the field of our SAS partnerships, which takes actions to optimize SAS applications and accelerate runtime, thus it results efficient SAS applications. We can distribute their training courses in Hungarian, we can cooperate in consulting and mutual development.

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